I Surrender

I am tired. I am tired of waking up each day and being hit in the face with negative circumstances, with negative attitudes, and negative words. I have tried to be positive, but positivity in itself is empty and weak. The world beats it down without effort. I am tired of waking up each day […]

Need to Step It Up

I haven’t been doing so great working out. I have been opting for the pool instead of the gym. Don’t get me wrong, the pool is great for cardio, but I need to build muscle too. So instead of choosing one or the other, I need to do both and maximize my benefit.

Calling All Proteins!

I really need to increase my proteins and reduce my carbohydrates and fats. I started lifting weights on Tuesday and I know that protein is necessary to build muscle. My current diet is full of carbohydrates and fat, with the lowest percentage being proteins consistently. I am not one for vegetables, so that means I […]

Crash and Burn

Yesterday, I ate lunch at Señor Frog’s, a non-diet-friendly establishment. The food was delicious and very filling, but not what one would call “healthy.” Oh well, I guess I should just quit my diet then? My journey to fitness should just end here, right? Hell No! One meal isn’t going to stop me! As I […]

OMG! I’m Fat!

Heavy, big-boned, husky, or even fluffy. All euphemisms for a truth that, no matter how much I want to deny or explain it away, stares me in the face every day. I am fat. I don’t find the word “fat” particularly insulting, seeing that it is the truth. If somewhat calls me “fat” I don’t […]